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was a two term governor of the great state of michigan. her new book which she cowrote with her husband is called a governor's story, the fight for jobs in america's economic future. please welcome to the program jennifer granholm. (applause) how are you. >> i'm great. >> jon: governor's story, fight for jobs and america's economic future. yesterday we had on another midwestern governor faced with a lot of similar things that you faced in michigan on the republican side. how much do governors come together on policy? how much of it-- when you are a governor how much is ideaological, how much is pragmatic. >> a ton of it is prak matic but we do compete against one another, for jobs. we're always boasting oh, i got this job from, you know, illinois or indiana or texas, every governor is in the game of competing for jobs. and that's not a very good national strategy. >> jon: so you are not just competing globally. >> no. >> jon: you're actually competing with right-to-work states. >> well, and every governor has an interventionist economic development strategy, you know, rick perry who say
but we could see an upset. >> thank you very much. so from florida to michigan rick perry convenient the murder to mitt romney territory just a short time ago. perry and romney are both attending a michigan gop conference. romney was born in michigan and his father was a popular governor there. and according to 30 year mortgages are at a all time low. one study shows 60% of americans are questioning home ownership. why are mortgages causing so many hardships? financial expert has our financial fix later on this hour. it feels like a short cut, even through customs. that's what it feels like to be a member. anti-government protesters clashed again today in the capital of yemen. rifle fire and rockets exploding. two dozen people were killed today. many more injured according to medical sources there. yemen's president returned to his country just yesterday. after three months spent in saudi arabia recovering from an assassination attempt. the protesters want him out of office. >>> in other international news. ceo of ubs resigned today. the swiss bank lost $2.3 billion in a
in just over an hour they will be counting votes in a florida straw poll. michigan is holding a straw poll today. the outcome could be critical to candidates who lagged behind. our political reporter is in orlando, florida, two big gop straw polls in one day. let's start with florida. who showed up? >> reporter: today the main top tier candidates mitt romney and rick perry went to michigan for that other straw poll you referenced. candidates here today are those lesser known folks. herman cain. newt gingrich. jon huntsman's family came on their behalf because they're desperate for traction. straw polls are good to show that they are in the race. i have to tell you that herman cain's name has come up a lot here in wake of thursday night's presidential debate. a lot of people thought that rick perry stumbled and activists are deciding between romney and perry but cain's name comes up as offering common sense solutions is the phrase you hear from them. >> let's talk about the straw poll that will take place in michigan. how pivotal is that one? >> reporter: as i said, rick perry and mitt romn
're a republican running for president, you want to be in either michigan or florida this weekend. that's where two major straw polls are being held. cnn reporter peter hamby joining us from orlando, florida. peter, why is the contest there, florida, florida, florida, considered so important? >> reporter: florida will be the state in the general election, no doubt next year, one of them, one of the major swing states. but the state republican primary will be pivotal. the candidates believe, people in florida believe it was for john mccain in 2008 when he defeated mitt romney and catapulted himself to presidency. presidency five is the name of the confab, a philly day event, started with a debate thursday night, a conference where they all spoke. today a straw poll where 3500 or so republican activists will cast a vote in the straw poll and pick for president. rick perry is the only candidate competing in the straw poll, courting the delegates. he's expected to win. if he doesn't win, that would be a big surprise, fred. >> let's talk about another straw poll, this one being held in michigan. what's
of the two top front-runners left florida to be in michigan where there is a g.o.p. gathering for the remainder of this weekend. perry arrived there a short while ago. mr. romney got there last night after having spent the day in indiana. so it's a particulay important straw poll, too. there is only two that matter in the aggregate for presidential politics. one in iowa, we saw that. michele bachmann won it but hasn't been able to capitalize on the victory. the florida straw poll, this one is the fifth presidential cycle where this convention is taking place. has been indicator in the past, the people that won the straw polls went on to be president. ronald reagan, george h. bush were all winners. they won the straw poll and ended up in the white house. a lot is riding on this and the perry campaign is looking for a big win. you're right about that. romney is not organizing. jon huntsman is ignoring it. the candidates that took part in the fox news debate will be on the ballot with the exception of gary johnson, the new mexico governor who simply didn't participate. >> uma: it
, thank you for calling. caller: i am concerned here in michigan with the layoffs, the $300 million deficit, and they appointed two emergency financial managers. there seems to be waste and fraud and abuse in accountability. i would like to see how no child left the chat -- no child left behind enforced in court and not left to the states. host: so your state is not up to the challenge? caller: that is correct. host: can you give us more specifics? caller: we have a lot of administrators, a superintendent, with the governor that has recently left office, she had controlled for years. they took out almost $1 billion but still we maintained a deficit. the should have file for bankruptcy protection and we would not be in this situation. it does not make sense for kids to go to school and not have supplies and toilet paper. it was a bunch of nonsense. host: the ranking member of the education committee had this to say about obama's decision when it came to the waivers. president obama's efforts represent a dramatic shift -- again, waivers being offered to states to come up with their ow
president. >> both moved on to michigan. it is holding its own straw poll on sunday. in florida, michele bachmann needed to show she is still a top tier candidate. >> i have no doubt that president obama will be a 1-term president. for the others, florida is a fight for survival. " barack obama has been the best food stamp president in american history. parks this is the most important election in your lifetime. >> this economy is on life support. >> the trail to 2012 is getting shorter but not easier. >> the poll results are expected within the hour. we will bring you more details on the settlement,. today was the final date for the prosecution to sum up its case against amanda knox. the prosecution attempted to limit the damage from the overturned dna evidence. during the appeal, a forensics team concluded the prosecution's dna evidence was unreliable. the contradiction in the evidence gives her family hope that their daughter will be set free. >> i would like to believe that the truth is coming down in the appeals trial. what i see in that truth is so clear that she had nothing to do
on to michigan, which is holding its own straw poll on sunday. in florida, michele bachmann needed to show she is still a top tier candidate. >> i have no doubt president obama will be a one-term president. >> reporter: and for the others, florida is a fight for survival. >> barack obama has been the best food stamp president in american history. >> this is the most important election in your lifetime. >> this economy is on life support. >> reporter: the trail to 2012, getting shorter, but not easier. brian moore, nbc news. >>> again, herman cane won the straw poll. rick perry came in second, mitt romney came in third. more than 2,600 people voted in that straw poll today. >>> prosecutors in italy asked an appeals judge to put amanda knox in jail for the rest of her life. knox and her ex-boyfriend were accused of killing her roommate. both maintain their innocence. knox's lawyers say key evidence was tampered with, at her last trial knox was sentenced to 26 years. prosecutors are fighting for longer prison terms, a longer prison term. a verdict is expected in about two weeks. >>> some of the w
ri are in michigan on mackinaw island but before rick perry departed the sunshine state he spoke to a prayer breakfast of republican activists and made it clear thesis there has to be a kind of candidate not necessarily skilled in debating but firm in his conviction, casting himself as such one. listen to this. >> americans are looking for in a candidate, they are looking for an authentic principled leader. [ applause ] >> think about it. you have seen what happens when our country chooses leaders who emphasize words over deeds. >> . >> reporer: as i said earlier, a number of candidates had an opportunity to speak today. each of them making their pitch why they belong in the oval office but also making a pitch for whether they want their name bhecked off in this ballot. here is a little bit of the speech earlier today. >> when you cast your ballot at this straw poll, send washington on mechblg. they are ready for a problem solver, not another politician. they are ready for solutions. they ready for solutions. that is what the united states of america, the premium of ready for. se
in michigan, another state moving up its primary position in the race for the white house. results of the straw poll there, they come out tomorrow morning. t.j. >> thanks to our paul steinhauser and president obama has an important night, a speech to the congressional black caucus. the caucus has been critical of the white house for the way he has handled the issue of jobs, unemployment among african-americans was almost 17% last month. eight minutes past the hour. a passionate plea from the palestinians for their own state. you see the president there requested it. it's a largely symbolling move since the united states said they would veto the move. a short time after abbas spoke, benjamin netanyahu had a chance to fire back. listen to both sides. >> translator: this is a moment of truth. our people are waiting to hear the answer of the world. will it allow israel to continue the last occupation in the world? >> the palestinians should first make peace with israel and then get their state. >> behind the scenes negotiators put together a rough time line for further peace talks betw
of michigan, his best friend, and those of us devoted to him in the haight ashbury area, who appreciated his steadfast activism and ability to really push buttons. i am sure that arthur will be missed. the next in memoriam is one i gave attention to a couple of days after it happened. the family is not getting the attention necessary. on july 17, a 20-year-old was shot to death outside his hayes valley home. this might have been one of the stories people scanned by in the newspaper if it was not for his family and friends. the seven tepees family organization deals with young offenders. they are stepping forward to make sure he is not forgotten and does not become another statistic on the homicide list. going june 16, 1991, he was one of the seven tepees success stories. he graduated from high school and was preparing to move to college in los angeles this month. he worked at abercrombie and fish as manager -- and fitch as manager. nothing got to him. employees remember him as a happy guy. he leaves behind his young son, three younger siblings, and his loving mother, who i have talked to sin
america wonderful. >> you mitt romney and rick perry leaving florida, heading to michigan today for a major republican conference going on there. we'll have more on the battle for florida next hour and take you live to orlando where both of those major conservative conferences are going on right now. meanwhile to the president right now, no child left behind. the obama administration saying it will immediately start reviewing applications from states that want to opt out of parts of that education plan. president obama spoke about the reasons for the change in his weekly address. >> while the goals behind no child left behind were admira e admirable, experience has taught us the law had serious flaws that are hurting our children instead of helping them. teachers are being forced to teach to the test while subjects like history and science are being squeezed out. in an order to avoid having their schools labeled as failures, some schools lowered their standards in a race to the bottom. >> president obama has an important night ahead of him. he has a speech to the congressional
. these are issues rick perry will get the signal on. he and mitt romney are in michigan now. but the noise from florida is loud. herman cain's common sense conservativism with his 9-9-9 jobs and economic plan has gotten the attention of the sunshine state. it will echo around the country and particularly for rick perry. he'll have changing of policies or at least adjustments to make in the wake of this defeat. to come in with less than half of herman cain's support is a serious blow. he and mitt romney have a serious race ahead. fundraising after straw polls is key after long-term success and whether or not herman cain has staying power. now herman cain is at the top of the straw poll in florida and that means he's going to be on the top of the minds and mouths of republicans across the country in the days ahead. >> arthel: carl, it just makes it all so exciting. thank you, we'll talk to you later. >> rick: we will have is a lot more analysis of the results out of florida. the surprise win for herman cain and what's going on with romney and perry and the rest of the gop field? that's coming up
're not, actually. perry just left florida. he's flying out to michigan where there's yet another gop conference at mackinac island, which is a beautiful pastoral resort up in michigan where a bunch of activists are covered. there's another straw poll, so we get to see how these candidates are faring among the debate among these trushl voters, t.j. >> peter, thank you. >>> president obama has an important night ahead of him. he has a speech to the congressional black caucus. the caucus has been critical of the white house for the way the president has handled the issue of jobs. unemployment among african-americans was almost 17% last month. >>> we're down to ten, ten they're rows we're talking about. the cnn heros top ten list is out. did your favorite make the cut? you will find out, next. >>> still to come this morning, it's the end of an era. after 41 years on the air, "all my children" has said good-bye. coming up, i'm talking to the guy that the ladies know so well, michael e. knight, or better known to you as tad martin here with me this morning. >>> we're at 24 minutes past the
pressure system. that's the same storm responsible for a water spout over lake michigan. >> harris: we're going to take a look at that. a great set up for this. this was amazing. nature putting on quite a water show. a little bit earlier today off the shores of milwaukee, there it is. water spout over lake michigan as maria was just telling us about. this video goes on and on and on. we were watching it in the newsroom earlier. a common sight this time of the year when the lake is warmer than the air temperature because it's already cooling down up there. water spouts, also called tornadoes over the water, i've read that they're very difficult to see if you're actually on the water. this taken from quite a ways away. so impressive. they're usually weak and short-lived. they've been known to move onto land at times. you've got to keep an eye on them. good stuff. >>> well, do you believe everything you read? of course not. and you always hear people say don't believe everything you read. up next, the on line scam that's creating more fiction than fact. >>> a big pay day for the tipsters
pong them and mitt romney still trading barbs stumping in michigan today, much of the rest of the day in orlando. >>> and the satellite uars did re-enter the atmosphere last night. it did come down but don't exactly know where it came down. they're still looking into that. i'll be back at the top of the hour. right now time for the good doctor. >>> good morning, i'm dr. sanjay gupta. here's a question. ever have trouble making a decision or sticking with one sometimes i do so we'll talk about the science of willpower. i know a lot of you remember shannon miller. 1996 gold medalist in gymnastics. today she looks like this and also a cancer survivor. she's going to tell me her story. >>> i'm going to preview the manslaughter trial of michael jackson's doctor but first the big headline for a lot of people this week was the execution of troy davis for the 1989 murder of an off-duty police officer in savannah, georgia. there were protests literally all over the world who says his conviction was based on unreliable eyewitness testimony. that witnesses and their memories they say
rival, mitt romney, did not campaign at the straw poll, instead going to his birthplace, michigan. >> i bet you remember my dad, don't you? >> reporter: in the wake of today's surprise, analysts say romney is now the clear frontrunner. >> he's not open to average political junky. it means they took a second look at rick perry and decided that he's not up to this. >> reporter: a wild card in the race, more washington dysfunction. even as disaster victims still struggle to recover, the agency that aids them, fema, is now caught in a partisan funding fight. unless congress can agree, funds run out at mid-week, with a larger government-wide shutdown looming friday. analysts say the gridlock could hurt republicans next year. >> this becomes a challenge to the republican party. once it has a nominee, will it be a party that can still win the middle, take independent voters away from president obama, keep the majority in the congress, and also win the white house in the fall of 2012. >> reporter: lester, as we said kane didn't just win, he rolled over everyone. he beat his nearest competitor b
and emotionally. our walk has women from atlanta, michigan. some are survivors like myself. some are walking in honor or memory of a loved one and it's an opportunity for women and men to come together, make a difference, join in the five against breast cancer and some women meet lifelong friends that will be forever in their lives and they meet them right here on the three-day. >> i know there are people who missed out who didn't realize this was going on this weekend. what can people do who actually missed out today? how can they help? >> well, with this actual event we have public cheering stations as well as our closing ceremonies that will be held on the washington monument grounds sunday at 4:30 p.m. if they go to our website at the the locations for the designated areas are delineated. they can come out and cheer on these walkers because they really need your support. it's a way that it kind of increases our comradery, if you will, within the city when we have such a strong support and for those that want to get involved for next year we will be back in washington d.c. oc
and hitting a woman cta bus driver cited for what happened on michigan avenue this afternoon a woman trying to crest atcross a street near wacker drive struck cited with disobeying a deep red light and striking a pedestrian. >> chicago city hall taken up the issue of taxicab safety revealing cab drivers get it passed. city government relies on cab driver safety records violations. lenient cook county judges apparently are failing to enforce traffic laws for convictions leaving repeat offenders at the wheel of their taxicabs at the public risk. prosecutors say the problem may stem from witnesses or officer spent to appear in court. fighting back against cyber bullies a chicago students say others can take action against social media abuse president obama campaign office los angeles hit by vandals the day before appearing at a fund- raiser in los angeles. cold weekend ahead tom skilling thunderstorms? hey guys what can i get for you? i would like a decaf 360 calories please. and for you? i'll have a triple iced 410 calories please. you want the 40 whipped calories on that? uh, you know
. >> host: first call for sarah vowell is from michigan. good morning. you are on booktv on c-span2. >> caller: thank you very much. i would like to ask sarah vowell if she thinks the western is asian of hawaii was more religious than cultural. what they call the white man's spirit or was it commercial? people basically wanting to make money? commercialization versus the white man's burden? >> guest: it is the united states. you don't have to choose. you have missionaries and commercial sailors. you have both things going on at once. those missionaries, especially the early ones were not quite idealistic and they accomplished a lot in terms of literacy. culturally the interesting thing about what they did besides teaching the entire population to read within a generation, hawaii was the most literate country on earth because of their efforts. as a consequence those missionaries taught the first generation of wine writers and historians to write. at the same time they are trying to dismantle the traditional hawaiian culture especially in terms of religion and dress the missionaries h
, both perry and romney speak in person at a gop conference in michigan, another state that's moving up its primary position in the race for the white house. results of a straw poll there, they come out tomorrow morning. t.j. >> tonight, it's an important night for president obama. he'll be speaking to the congressional black caucus. some members have been critical of the way he's been handling the jobs problem. unemployment among african-americans was nearly 17% last month. >>> turn to the middle east now with the palestinian authorities foreign minister says he is hoping for quick action on the palestinian push for full ewe nooitd night dollars nations membership. president mahmoud abbas put forward the request in a speech at the u.n. . the u.n. security council will discuss the request on monday. he's hoping a vote will come soon. the u.s. threatening to veto a resolution on statehood if it makes it to the security council. the american position, israel must be a part of any statehood issues. after the abbas speech, israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu took the stage. >> this sa
and president obama to turn over all communication. fred upton from michigan compared this to the great train robbery in england in the 1960's. by the way? of 1100 people lost their jobs. how they did not commit any advance warning. >> and many of those former employees from a self a college campus with a jobs fair. it is the first of several planned event federal focused on hoping to help those out of job- seekers. they are ready to get back to work. >> i was a person that got downsized. robotics, automation. >> reporter: 8 packed house standing in long lines looking for work at this jobs fair. >> it is all about hiring castro is the alameda workforce investment board. it is assisting the 1100 workers, vendors, contractors and lost their jobs with the solar company. >> we are here to help the workers transition there out of work of no fault of their own. we hope this gives them hope, opportunity >> reporter: cleaned second solar industry brought 700 job openings. half the former workers brought plenty of resonates. >> how many? >> 35. , 18 resonates. >> this single worker of three handed out
island in michigan where former massachusetts governor mitt romney will speak at any minute at a dinner for the mackinaw republican leadership conference. he's a native of the state and his father served as governor there in the 1960s, but texas governor rick perry isn't ready to cede the state to his rival. he spoke earlier in the day during a lunch at the same republican conference. here's what he had to say. >> i don't dislike government. i just want government to work. and work for us. i'd like for the federal government to do some of the things that it's actually supposed to do in the constitution. like defend our borders. >> let's gets to washington now where at this hour, president obama is going to speak at a dinner hosted by the congressional black caucus. african-americans are among the president's strongest supporters. they're also suffering, and unemployment rate close to 17%. some members of the cbc say they want the president to fight harder for his proposals and in just a few minutes, you're going to hear my conversation with emmanuel clear of, the chairman of the cbc. >>
, island, michigan, mr. perry is there for a g.o.p. convention that's happening there. romney, as soon as he he arrived, went to diner and asked about perry's immigration position, and one of the answers, the question under debate was a question to many conservatives and here is how romney responded. >> the people who are running for president have different views on a whole range of issues and immigration, social security and so forth and those differences will be weighed by people different ways and i hope support will be made and you let people know what they stand for and if they get with you, that will be terrific. >> and that's almost sort of a counter argument, that he is authentic and let people know what he stands for. and, when he references immigration and social security, it's not by coincidence and those are the two issues on which mr. perry has taken the most heat for in romney's view, wanting to send social security back to the states and on the arguments will be impossible as well as for his position for illegal immigration, which is to oppose a border to border sin ces
another opening yesterday, in shanghai. >>> a michigan woman lost her disability benefits due to her facebook posting. she says she has back problems that forced her to leave her mangel job. she could no longer sit for eight hours but the insurance company denied her disability claims after reviewing her facebook page. that's where she talked about flying to china and her love of vacuuming. >> turns out they did a lot of surveillance on me on facebook and there wasn't anything that i'm ashamed of but they misinterpret information, took it out of context. they quoted stuff from my facebook that seemed totally unrelated. >> we try to determine -- and we'll do -- can do anything that is available to us that's legal, and certainly social media investigation is legal. >> thompson says she sat in reclinable seats in her flight to china. >>> heavy fog and sunshine and now a little possibility of rain? yes, we may need our umbrellas. it was just 100 degrees in livermore yesterday. and by sunday temperatures from 15 to 20 degrees cooler than friday. today we're going to knock it off 10 to 15
are you from? >> from chicago. >> cara, grand rapids, michigan. sherry. >> i'm just here for the ride. >> let's get a check off your weather on this saturday, of course, as we talk about the forecast we're going to keep some fog as well as showers in the forecast. eastern sections of the carolinas, the mid-atlantic and that upper level low will churn around the great lakes giving cloud cover cooler temperatures. but a ridge in the west will keep things really warm in the 80s as well as 90s. so for tomorrow, you'll want to keep that rain gear handy, as well. that's a look at a >> good morning. well, a little break in the weather today. still cloudy. the roads are starting to dry a little bit, though. there is still a chance for a few scattered showers today. not as much as yesterday, though. highs in the upper 70's. we've got to talk about tomorrow because tomorrow night is what? >> football night in america. >> let's take a look at that forecast. we'll head to indianapolis because the steelers are taking on the colts. and it looks like by kickoff, we are going to find showers, tailgat
thriller authorities in michigan have that warded a lot to kidnap and murder democratic state representative. police believe a prison inmate orchestrated the plot and planned on hiring someone on the outside to carry it through. in word on who the inmate is or why he wanted her dead. >> and the deadly out break in can't hope is worse than thought. the recall widening to include precut cantelope in kansas, and the company shipped the cantelope to several restaurants and stores in kansas, missouri and nebraska. if you have cantelope they it out immediately. the happy ending to incredible story. a cat now back with her original owner more than five years after she ran away. the squires family now all the way to new york city from colorado to claim their beloved pet. only one problem, willow did boat the three-year-old. as you can see. you see her crying. maybe willow picked up some bad habits living in new york. it happens to all of us. or maybe she was just nervous from the cameras. >> new york makes you nasty. >> or the cat had to fend for hit self for five years finding rats a
, gentle lady. now, the full chairman of energy and commerce, a distinguished gentleman from michigan, mr. upton, is recognized for five minutes. >> in 1963, there was a great train robbery in england. at the time, it might have been the largest highest ever. because of its cleverness, the legend continues. the tape was 2.6 million pounds, about $7.5 million in 1963 dollars. now we have our modern-day great train robbery, but we have of iced over half a billion dollars, and possibly willing collaborators and co- conspirators of the u.s. government who rushed out a $535 million loan to solyndra. it is a very sad commentary that we met resistance every step of the way as this subcommittee has tried to seek answers to basic questions overseeing the approval process of this project. we finally had to resort to a subpoena, and at the outright resistance to getting answers that both of you two witnesses assured us only last week he would provide. let me warn you and other folks involved in this taxpayer ripoff -- we are not done. no, we're not. solyndra was the very first company to receive a l
, grand rapids, michigan. sherry. >> i'm just here for the ride. >> let's get a check off your weather on this saturday, of course, as we talk about the forecast we're going to keep some fog as well as >>> around here rain as well. good morning. it's great to see you. the rainshowers are mainly parked east of the district this morning and they extend down across southern maryland and the northern neck of virginia. the weather forecast today if you're west of d.c., i think you'll be mostly cloudy for a good part of the day. an isolated shower tom the east plenty of scattered showers. high temperatures in the middle 70s, a little better than we've got to talk about tomorrow because tomorrow night is what? >> football night in america. >> let's take a look at that forecast. we'll head to indianapolis because the steelers are taking on the colts. and it looks like by kickoff, we are going to find showers, tailgating weather showers, as well. still uncertain as to whether or not that retractable roof will be needed or not. . that's a look at the latest weather. >>> now to the latest on the
and recognizes the chair, the ranking member emeritus of the full committee, michigan for five minutes for questions. >> mr. chairman, thank you for your courtesy and for holding this hearing. let me begin by asking this question yes or no. do you have authority at the fda for any of the requirements with regard to efficacy from good manufacturing practices or safety, yes or no in the event of a shortage? >> yes. >> you do have it? >> we have the authority to have flexibility in how we implement the regulations. regulatory discretion. >> i would like to add a further answer on that particular point. >> but the requirements are the same how one who reaches them is flexible. >> i would like to have a further statement on that we understand what the authority is. it's my understanding the fda has been working to address shortages of the medically necessary approach. can you please define what medically necessary means? >> medically necessary is defined as a product used to treat or prevent serious diseases and conditions to know the product available to act as a substitute. >> you indicat
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